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    PESTLO Rejurecipe Baku:DN Anti-wrinkle Cream
    Special Price SGD 31.50 Regular Price SGD 42.00

    PESTLO Rejurecipe TXA Freckle Cream
    Special Price SGD 28.13 Regular Price SGD 37.50

    Pantherecipe Nonicica Soothing Serum
    Special Price SGD 20.63 Regular Price SGD 27.50
  4. La Dôlf

    La Dôlf Pure Phagy Ampoule
    Special Price SGD 5.18 Regular Price SGD 51.80

    Gold Thread Face Mask
    Special Price SGD 17.00 Regular Price SGD 42.50

    Ourecipe Oil to Foam Cleanser Mini
    Special Price SGD 5.75 Regular Price SGD 11.50
  7. Nutriadvisor

    Dalot UV Block Arm Sleeves Golf Stocking
    As low as SGD 13.95 Regular Price SGD 15.50
  8. NAM Makeup

    Smart Radiance Primer
    Special Price SGD 6.87 Regular Price SGD 22.90
  9. NAM Makeup

    Diamond Drop Mixer
    As low as SGD 5.67 Regular Price SGD 18.90

    Special Price SGD 47.90 Regular Price SGD 59.90


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What Customers are Saying

UV Porcelain is truth to what it ADVERTISED. Estella
UV Porcelain is truth to what it ADVERTISED.

"I have taken other skin supplement before for a year, I can't see the effect. SOS UV Porcelain within a month I can see overall the effect (overall the skin lighten). Add on the Placen+ my skin is more radiant! Without makeup the skin looks clean and bright. I can see the application of makeup more easily spread and need not use much makeup. I give a thumbs up!"

- Estella
UV Porcelain really works! By Led C.
UV Porcelain works!

"After my second pregnancy, I started to have more pigments around my cheek area. With friend's recommendation, I have started taking SOS UV porcelain+ for the past 1 year. I could see the difference that my pigment has lightened. I am the least diligent person when it comes to applying sunblock regularly and I do expose to sun whenever I play golf occasionally! And most importantly, it contains collagen too! Which means I don't need to consume too many capsules a day! Great Product!"

- Led C.
No more sunburnt! Roger L., Compliance Officer
No more sunburnt with UV Porcelain+

"After taking the SOS UV Porcelain, i could not feel the burning sensation on my skin, even after 5 hours under the sun while I played golf. In addition, I don't get sunburnt anymore, without getting greasy sunblock cream all over my face. Wish I found out about this product earlier"

- Roger L.
Skin radiance with Placen+ by Winson C.

Non sticky solution and won't cause allergy to most skin. I saw radiance in my skin after use. An when apply on pimples, it will be gone after a few times use. Thanks Placen+ :)

- Winson C.
Playing in the sun is a breeze now! Calvin L., Private Banker

Before using the UV Porcelain+, I used to hate playing golf on a hot sunny day. But now w the pills, playing in the sun is a breeze. 

- Calvin L.
UV Porcelain really works! By Led C.
I could see significant improvement!

"I've personally tested the products for 6 days and to my amazed I could see significant improvement, first of all it was hydrating, I could feel my pores getting smaller, it also brightens my dark eye circles, (AI)PALCEN+ is a great product worth having, those who need the extra help should really give this a try"

- Jia Shin Lee.

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