About Us

About Us

Modern Skincare and Beauty Solutions Driven By Science

Curatiq is the best online store to discover exceptional skincare and beauty products in Singapore. Many leading ingredient-focused skincare and beauty solutions have not entered the mainstream. As a result, they are not easily accessible and require considerable time and effort to find. Curatiq provides customers with an accessible, globally sourced, and carefully curated collection of high-performance skincare and beauty products that will help you achieve healthy, radiant-looking skin.

Why Choose Us

Our Products Are Carefully Sourced & Personally Tested

We believe in the brands we carry and love the results we have achieved by using their products. We carefully source each brand we introduce to our online boutique to offer you a streamlined range of only the best products. We also test each product internally to ensure they meet our expectations of delivering amazing results for you too!

We Focus On Quality Not Quantity

Personally motivated by our own struggles with highly sensitive problem skin, we understand the difficulties you face when looking for the right skincare for your skin type and your skin concerns. Our curated boutique focuses on showcasing products with greater efficacy to address your skin concerns and give you the results you have been looking for.



Finding suitable makeup for troubled skin can be a challenge. Our niche makeup collection features beauty products that have been thoughtfully formulated without any nasty ingredients. Simple, safe, and Curatiq-approved, explore our collection today!

We Do Things Differently

Inspired to make high-quality, better-performing skincare and beauty more accessible, we invest in building long-lasting relationships and mutual partnerships with leading global brand manufacturers and brand owners. We work directly with them to bring their products online just for you!

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be the trusted, one-stop online beauty retailer in the region.

Our Mission

To globally source for quality brands and introduce the latest products that deliver higher efficacy for all the different skin types and needs.

Core Values


We are passionately dedicated to providing our customers with an unrivalled shopping experience for all their skincare and beauty needs.


We forge long-term relationships by always having our customers and partners’ interests at heart


Hard-to-source high-quality products can be easily purchased on our platform

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best skincare solutions for your unique skin type and the right makeup that works wonders for your skin. Check out our curated skincare and beauty boutique today!

Need help deciding what is best for your skin?

Reach out to us for product recommendations, and detailed product information to help you make the right skincare and beauty choices.